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How to Make a Light Box With Cardboard

You can make a light box for yourself using a simple box made from a sheet of cardboard. Simply cut out the desired size of your light box and fold it in half. Then glue the two sides together, leaving a strip at the bottom. You can also add Velcro to hold the flaps in place. When finished, your light box should be about the size of your template. To add an extra layer of protection, you can use Perspex or a protective film.

Once you’ve cut out the box, you’ll need a ruler to cut out the windows and the doors. Depending on the size of your cardboard box, you may need to cut out a few inches from the edges. Be sure to tape the flaps down to prevent them from falling off. You can then fold the top flap outward and cut out two more windows. One of these will be the windows of your light box. The other will be the backdrop.

You can also use poster board or other thick, white paper to make a light box. Make sure to cut the paper twice as wide as your box. Make sure it’s thick enough so that it doesn’t wrinkle inside. Also, make sure to get a matte finish, since glossy materials reflect light. Then, cover the sides with white tissue paper or a piece of white poster board. You can also hang a poster board behind the lightbox to create a seamless background.

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