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How to Have a Congenial Divorce

A congenial divorce is an option for those who want to end their marriage amicably. However, a divorce can quickly become contentious if one spouse learns about another’s new relationship. Divorce is an emotional event, and spouses often react with jealousy or anger when they discover that their former spouse is dating someone else. This can complicate settlement negotiations and lead to battles over how the marital assets will be divided.

Luckily, there are ways to resolve these difficult issues and make the process as amicable as possible. One option is to work with an interdisciplinary team – including a financial expert, child specialist, and mental health professional – to come up with a mutually beneficial divorce settlement. These professionals will be neutral and aim to achieve a favorable outcome for both parties. A collaborative divorce is an option in many states, including Texas.

The key to a congenial divorce is to keep communication lines open, even if it is hard. Instead of arguing, couples should focus on a common interest or goal, such as helping their child with schoolwork. The more constructive conflict between the spouses will prevent the separation from turning into a battle of wills. For example, children who have been abandoned by their parents are more likely to end the relationship. A divorce that is based on prolonged conflict will be much more difficult than a divorce where each parent tries to get the other’s way.

A child with special needs may find it difficult to bond with the non-custodial parent after a divorce. The child may not be able to understand the nuances of divorce and the parents can’t physically move between homes. It might also be difficult to transfer equipment between houses and there may be logistical difficulties moving the child’s equipment. This may leave the non-custodial parent with very little contact with the child.

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