A Guide to Colored Gemstones for Engagement Rings

For ethical engagement rings uk, colored gemstones offer stunning alternatives to traditional diamonds. Their dazzling hues add meaning and style perfect for commemorating romance. This guide explores popular colored gem varieties to inform couples on selecting the ideal ethical stone.

Sapphires epitomize classic engagement rings. Their spectacular blue color symbolizes loyalty and sincerity. Sapphires also appear in yellow, pink and green hues. Hardness and durability make them suitable for daily wear.

Rubies represent passion and vitality. Prized for their intense reddish tones ranging from pink to blood-red, rubies complement both modern and vintage settings. Responsible sourcing ensures their ethics.

Emeralds radiate elegance. The vivid green of emeralds has been treasured since ancient times. They signify renewal and growth – ideal for engagements. Softness requires care but enhances antiqued styling.

Tourmalines inspire joy with their wide spectrum of colors like lavender, peach and teal. Bi-colored and color-change varieties create distinctive options. Tourmalines rate highly durable yet relatively affordable.

For drama, opaque black onyx makes a bold statement. Onyx’s dark color symbolizes inner depth and poise. Its hardness withstands daily wear. Onyx offers high-class style on a budget.

Organic pearls bring soft sophistication. Both classic white and rich golden pearls work beautifully in engagement rings as main or accent stones. They evoke purity and femininity.

Opals dazzle with their shimmering play of color. Backings and protective settings secure their soft composition. The rainbow flashes within opals convey hope and optimism.

Beyond diamonds, the possibilities of colorful ethical engagement rings uk are endless. Let your values and her unique spirit guide you to the perfect gemstone.

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