5 Signs that Your Product Labels are High Quality

High-quality product labels are essential for any business. They not only help to identify your products, but they also create a positive impression with customers. If you’re looking for ways to ensure that your product labels are of the highest quality, then look no further! Here are five signs that you can use to determine whether your product labels are up to par:

1. The labels are thick and laminated

Thickness is a great indicator of quality. On one hand, a thick sample simply feels better and will be perceived as higher quality by customers. On the other, a thick material and a lamination protect your labels. That is why you will often find the waterproof labels, for example, are thicker than other options. Get a feeling for your labels by ordering a material sample before committing.

2. The printing is clear and legible

If the printing on your product labels is clear and legible, then you can be sure that they are of high quality. A good printing job will ensure that the text on your labels is easy to read, which is important for creating a positive impression with customers. You will find that digital printers offer the best results.

3. They peel off the backing easily

Are you struggling to peel your labels from the backing paper? That is usually because the label wasn’t cut the right way or that the material is too flimsy- a mayor no, no. If this happened to you, you should definitely ask for a refund. High-quality labels should be very easy to peel, after all, that is what they are being sold for!

4. The adhesive is strong and will stay in place

There are many different forms of adhesive, toonily but a good label printer will work with a medium-strength permanent adhesive for most products. This is perfect for 1000s of applications as it is strong enough to stay in place, resisting weathering and fading over time, but can be removed without leaving residue. Your labels should not fall down within hours of being used.

5. They fit the shape of the product perfectly

Die cut labels are high-quality because they are custom-made to fit a product. This guarantees that the label will be in the correct location, and it also prevents any excess material from being used. In addition, die cut labels are often more aesthetically pleasing than other options, which can help to create a positive impression with customers.

If your business labels meet all of these standards and more, then you can be sure that you’re using a top-notch product! To ensure that you’re getting the best possible quality for your labels, be sure to look for these five signs.

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